Close Protection & Bodyguard Services

WillSecure provide Close protection bodyguard services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. We provide professional & highly trained close protection bodyguards to our clients ranging from corporate executives, celebrities, entertainment industry professional to wealth management companies & their clients. To safeguard our clients & protectees, we do not generally discuss the specific types & methods of our covert close protection.

The protection of an individual or family is comprehensive and goes well beyond surrounding the individual with highly trained close protection bodyguards. As part of our mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, our close protection bodyguards rely on advance work & threat assessments to identify potential risk & threats to protectees or clients. 

Our close protection bodyguard services can be employed by anybody ranging from business executives, to government officials, celebrities to wealth families from around the globe to ensure their personal safety & security. Our close protection bodyguards escort clients to protect them from stalking, assault, intrusion, invasion of privacy or kidnapping.

By performing this service, our clients and protectees can go about their day to day life, without the worry of being left vulnerable to attack or kidnapping with as little inconvenience as possible. We don't just protect our clients from situations, we prevent them.

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