WillSecure provide highly experienced SIA Licensed event security staff for all types of events. The effective management of large crowds has been a large part of our business from our formation. Planning and co-ordination of crowds whether for an event, festival, or protests.

At WillSecure, we believe your event is important. That's why we ensure all our security managers & supervisors have the knowledge, skills & professional training to enable them to plan an event effectively, co-ordinating the physical and human resources and providing contingencies should a plan change.

Why chose WillSecure?

We believe the key to our success is the investment in our staff through training and developments, helping us retain a motivated and experienced team of event security professionals.

WillSecure can cover every aspect of security at an event that's needed,

right from the initial planning of the event, discussing site designs,

providing risk assessments, risk reduction measures and contingencies

plans to ensuring adequate supervisory, event and security personnel who

are equipped to provide safety and security services required to help

facilitate the safe enjoyment of event-goers without compromising

the event.

Whatever the event, location or crowd size from small private functions, to intimate gigs, family festivals, beer festivals, concerts to open-air sporting events. WillSecure are able to facilitate our customers with a large list of event services.

Dedicated security contractor to work with you from start to finish | Entry Control & Search Staff | Turnstile operatives | Event Safety Stewards | Crowd Control Security & Stewards | Exhibition Security |

| Campsite Security | Safety Officers | Car Parking Stewards & Traffic Management | Pit/Back Stage Staff |

| CCTV Operators | Close Protection Bodyguards | Conference security & stewards | Consultancy Specialists |

| Control Room Operators | K9 Dog Teams | Hospitality Staff | Vehicle Patrols | Response Teams