WillSecure provide retail security guards throughout the UK.

Theft is the most frequently committed crime in the UK. In fact, for countless businesses, particularly when it comes to small business organizations in Cornwall, not just their livelihood but also the life of their personnel within their retail store is at stake. So, if you are looking for the best way to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, and your assets, hiring retail security is the best and most efficient way to do that. Now, the question arises, what is the best place for this service? WillSecure, of course.


About WillSecure


The market leader in providing the best type of security solutions, from retail security to security guards, WillSecure is one company in Cornwall that you can place your full trust in. This is because they always prioritize the security and well-being of their clientele and their assets. Their manned security personnel is known to be available at all times, licensed by the SIA, and vetted for a five-year period at minimum. That is not all, our team of security personnel is also known to go through thorough training, which allows them to handle all types of situations that will always keep you and your store safe.

Why Retail Security Is So Important


There is no doubt that when you are setting up a retail store, it is important to take your security, the security of your employees, and the security of your store into your hands. This is vital when considering how common theft and shoplifting are. In fact, 22,000 workers in retail outlets are attacked. However, by hiring retail security, that too, by WillSecure you will be able to significantly lower those odds and always have the first line of defense instead of basically handing the situation over to the felons.


Excellent Customer Service


WillSecure isn't just known to provide the best-manned security in the entirety of Cornwall but is also known to always keep every single one of their clients satisfied. This is done by always providing excellent customer service using their efficient feedback system.


Recruitment System


WillSecure is also known all throughout Cornwall for its excellent and incredibly thorough recruitment system. This ensures that no matter what the service you are hiring their manned security for, they will always be up for the job. Their recruitment process includes the applicants to provide a variety of documents that ensure that their manned security is reliable and trustworthy, which includes a work history of five years and medical history, references, proof of identification and address, a criminal records bureau screening, and more.


No matter what time of day it might be, WillSecure will always provide you with a retail security team that is incredibly professional, highly trained, and trustworthy. In fact, if you are unsure about what the best security solution would be for your store, after a full assessment, WillSecure will provide the best retail security that best fits your store.