CCTV Services

What We Offer

We Provide CCTV Installation and maintenance services and can cater to any Residential and Commercial properties throughout the SouthWest of England.

We use only the finest brands of equipment to make sure you get the right quality, for the right price and they're built to last.

If you live in Cornwall and are looking to get CCTV installed in your home, business, a commercial setting, look no further than our company. We ensure that we provide you with the finest services where you would be satisfied with our work. CCTV footage and service are important because your security is at stake. This is why choosing our company is undoubtedly a beneficial thing for you.

At our company, we also ensure that we provide 24/7 maintenance to you and help out in any way possible. If there is a performance issue or the hardware gets damaged, you can call our customer service online, and send our maintenance team to you.

While CCTV is beneficial and almost everyone agrees on this, here are some benefits that will convince you one hundred percent why choosing us and choosing CCTV is the way to go.

·  Can Catch Any Tom Foolery

Any tomfoolery or crime that is being committed near a CCTV can be caught and recorded. The better the CCTV is, the easier it is to capture the criminal who did it. The device is also a great way for thieves and other criminals to move past a building or a residence where a CCTV is located. By looking at it, they may realise that they could get caught due to it and move on.

·  Get Better Rates When Selling the House

Due to a CCTV camera being positioned near your house or building, there are fewer chances of you getting robbed. Due to this, the rates at which your building and house may sell is exceptional. If a house is broken into, its resale value goes down and thus it causes a problem and an issue for the owners. Having a CCTV camera near your residence helps ensure that your house will retain its resale value.

Our Experience

·  CCTV is Affordable and Cost-Effective

Having a CCTV system is far more affordable than owning a full-on security system. It requires less razzle-dazzle and less equipment. Unlike other systems that may be a bit more elaborative, expensive, and intrusive, the CCTV system is low-maintenance and easy to repair. If your CCTV gets damaged it costs you less money then re-setting your entire security system. All you would need to do is call our maintenance team, and we will come to your doorstep to fix what is damaged or broken.

·  Gives You Peace of Mind

Lastly, having CCTV in your house is a great way to live freely and safely. You know that you are looked after because you can see what is going on outside your home. The footage from the CCTV helps make you feel safe and secure.

At our company, we aim to ensure that our customers feel happy and satisfied with our services. We offer security services where our guards are well-trained to handle any situation. Along with that, we offer products such as a CCTV camera that allows you to feel safe and be in touch with what happens outside your house or building.

We provide a free site visit to obtain a quote with absolutely no obligation.

We respond to all contact enquiries within 24 hours.